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My Electric Car

Click here for 8 pages and 100+ pictures of the conversion process.

Yes, this is my 1988 electric Honda Civic. I converted it myself.
I also created several pages documenting the conversion.

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These were my previous electric cars.
They have all moved on to new owners, but having rescued them from oblivion, I still feel good in knowing that at least there are six fewer gas cars on the road.  If your interested just click on one for more info.

1975 Citicar

1980 Jet Electrica 007

1981 Comutacar

1994 Dodge TEVan

1996 Solectria Force

1994 Ford Ranger
I am a member of the National Electric Auto Association, and one of the founders of our local chapter, The Mid-America EAA, here in Kansas City. 

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