My Electric Lawnmowers
Last Updated: 4/20/99
    Some of you may think this is a little ridiculous, but I certainly couldn't justify driving an EV to the gas station just to get fuel for my lawn mower. 
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This is my electric lawnmower.  It is an old Sears Craftsman made in the mid-70s.  It was built as an electric.  They called it "The Quiet One".  It isn't nearly as noisy as a gas mower, but it isn't quiet either.  Most of the noise seems to be made by the spinning blade.  I found this treasure in a thrift store, and of course I had to have it.
Here you get a look at what makes it work.  Originally it used a deep cycle marine type battery, but someone had replaced it with a car starting battery.  It had died long before I bought the mower, so I swapped in another one I had lying around.  That actually held on for a whole season before it gave out.  The mower is now powered by 2 used U-1 gell-cell wheel chair batteries wired in parallel.  They have been on there over 2 years and are working perfectly.  They seem to have much more capacity than I use, because I have never run short of power with these. 

The drive motor is a Bosch of unknown rating.  All I know is it does the job very nicely. 

The original charger was missing, so I just use a 12 volt 6 amp automatic charger.  There is a cigarette lighter type outlet on the back, where the original charger plugged in.  It makes a handy power source for other 12 volt items.  As a joke I mounted a headlight on it to mow in the dark.

This is my next project.  It is an old MTD riding mower I picked up.  I have a 2 hp GE golf cart motor waiting to go into it.  If you look close you can see the motor already in place.  It isn't hooked up yet though.  I really haven't settled on a layout yet, but it is probably going to end up a 24/48 volt switching system using group 27 marine batteries.  I was mainly going to use it to push snow, but I lucked out and we didn't get much this past winter.  Of course, next winter will probably be worse.

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