Last Updated 01/06/02
My Electric Honda Project
After a lot of cutting and welding, the front racks were finally going together.  I actually built them three times, before I was satisfied with the results.
A major headache was contriving a mount for the Auburn Kodiak controller.  This is a very long unit, and everywhere I tried to put it, it seemed to be in the way of something else.  Eventually I came up with what you see here.  The mounting bracket actually pivots at the back to allow the front battery to be removed.  I made a similar bracket for the air conditioning motor and compressor.  I used a compressor from a Geo Metro, as it was the smallest unit I could find.  I didn't want the noise and vibration of the A/C motor to be transmitted throughout the body, so I created a bizarre bracket off the right side transmission mount.  That way any noise would have to go through the original Honda tranny mounts, and would hopefully be dampened out.  This mount also pivots up to allow access to the front battery.
 To the rear of the controller you can see the Todd DC/DC converter, with the U-1 gell-cell auxiliary battery mounted directly under it.  As you can see, things were getting tighter, and everything wasn't in yet.

Later redesign moved the Todd DC/DC converter to inside the car.  The original underhood location was vulnerable to water and the Todd was not sealed.

With the batteries and controller pulled out, it is a bit easier to see how everything mounts up.
One nice thing about converting a 4th generation Civic, is while it uses 4 transmission/engine mounts just like almost all other Hondas, three of the actually mount on the transmission.  This meant I only had to create the single left hand motor mount.  I traced it out of foam-core, and had a machine shop cut it out of 3/8" aluminum.  I did have to make the angle bracket at the top myself.
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