Last Updated: 1/21/99
The Barstool Racers
    The infamous racing barstools.  These things are way too cool.  Pretty simple really, just a Toyota starter or two, a 12 volt battery, a Ford solenoid, and some gocart parts.  They used wheels off those two wheel dollys.  I want one!
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The "rules" of this sport have to be seen to be believed. 
According to the racers, there are six rules of bar stool racing: 
The "Official" Rules of Barstool Racing
      1.  It must be or look like a bar stool. 
      2.  21" Maximum wheelbase. 
      3.  21" Maximum overall width. 
      4.  30" Minimum seat height. 
      5. 12 Volts maximum voltage. 
      6.  "There are no more f***ing rules." (This is an official rule!)
John Norton, one of the creators of the barstools in Phoenix, has an outfit called
that sells parts and kits for stools.  They can be reached at:
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